Limit My Call

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If you want to call someone with specific time limit, this is an application for you. Limit My Call has a purpose to limits outgoing call automatically based on how long user want. This application useful for some complicated rules by service provider to avoid unnecessary bill. To get similar feature like this application, please send me an e-mail, tell me how it works and I will add those functions to this application.

Information Update: The app does not hangup with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) above, but it will give last notification.


  1. Limiting call outgoing at specific time.
  2. Redial the same number after hang-up.
  3. Gives notification before time limit.
  4. Call log
  5. App2SD

The following pictures are the samples:



Time limit.png

Contact list.png


Time Limit

Contact List



This is a free application and available at Android Market: Desktop browser, Android browser (market://search?

This is a free application and available at Android Market (market://search?

Change log:

Version 2.12 (11 February  2012) Download APK

  • Fixing Security Issue

Version 2.11 (1 September 2011)

  • Sort contact list descending (Widget)

Version 2.1 (30 August 2011)

  • Bring back the widget
  • please choose your setting first and un-check the service if only you want to use the widget to make a call

Version 2.0 (17 August 2011)

  • New standard interface
  • A better service management
  • Removing widget (Because it’s integrated with the phone)
  • Cancel the time limit from status bar

Version 1.9 (15 July 2011)

  • Reducing size of app
  • Minor bug fixing

Version 1.8 (6 June 2011)

  • Rewriting database (Please update to this version soon or your list will be deleted on v1.9)
  • Support Android version 1.6 (Again)
  • Reducing application size (will be smaller in the next version – v1.9)
  • Upgrade performance
  • Bug fixing

Version 1.71 (3 June 2011)

  • Bug fixing (crash randomly)

Version 1.7 (20 May 2011)

  • Improve performance
  • Bug fixing

Version 1.6 (1 March 2011)

  • Popup contact list from widget
  • Integrate with contact photo (Please delete and refresh the new dialed list)
  • New support for Android Gingerbread (It will give last notification)
  • Support Android 2.0 above (Sorry for this)

Version 1.5 (11 February 2011)

  • New method for redial (more stable)

Version 1.42 (9 December 2010)

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.41 (8 November 2010)

  • Reduce minimum time limit into 1 second

Version 1.4 (5 November 2010)

  • Add widget for quick last Dial
  • Increase time limit

Version 1.31 (28 September 2010)

  • Fix bug for Android 1.5

Version 1.3 (24 September 2010)

  • App2SD (for Froyo)
  • Contact list information.
  • Contact order
  • Total call log

Version 1.2 (14 August 2010)

  • Add automatic redial option.
  • Gives notification before time limit.

Version 1.1 (6 August 2010)

  • Prevent phone from sleep during the call (to make sure it hang up on specific time)
  • Fix layout for landscape mode.
  • Change remaining time format.

Version 1.0 (30 July 2010)

  • Initial release.

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