Frequently Ask Question


1. Why the app does not work properly on my phone ?

If your phone use android 2.2 or higher, then it could be app2sd problem. Please try to install the app on internal memory.

2. Why the app required internet and location permission ?

Currently most of my apps are ad supported and that’s why it required internet connection to collect data from its server. Location permission also required because the ads need to know your mobile location (very roughly – state/country) to serve a better ad. All your phone information are needed only for ad and analytic purpose, nothing else.

Remind My Path

1. What is ‘Dynamic Search’ ?

For example when you are inside of a building, then the app only use GPS approximately 10-30 seconds because it is not possible to get your location by GPS. Meanwhile, when you are walking or running on open air, ‘Remind My Path’ will use GPS as long as it needed with max 2-3 minutes. So, smart search method is really effective way to get your location without ignoring your battery life.



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